Who We Are?


MADRACE – We founded Madrace from a simple but absolutely cool idea: organizing extreme sport events that are not like all the others. Just Mad Races. What kind of sports doesn’t really matter, it’s all about the extraordinary extreme. And this is what we at MADRACE liked from the beginning and we have been supporting the boys and girls since the very beginning.

Meanwhile the Madraces take place in different metropolises in Malaysia. The activities stand out with unique formats and exciting locations. At the events there is always a lot of photography and filming, in the highest quality, to show the world what we can do. By now, you can also buy equipment and merchandise.

Our Mission

MADRACE are to promote social opportunities for Individual or Group of people to share experiences and fellowship within the community and industry

Extraordinary Experiences

This adrenalin filled is a hype style event that puts people speed and winner circle that will be promoted extensively through social media and various other networks as a first of its kind in MADRACE Category Event in Malaysia with an local and international participation.

Start Raceism - Stop Racism

A clear message from the Mad Race Team and with full conviction! Because all nations, genders, religions water sports and land sport scenes are welcome at the Mad Races. We also support local integration projects with donations. Awesome!